Now a days, genome or exome screening have become a norm in the conventional clinical analysis. However, pathogenic classification of the variants is still a manual, time consuming and tedious process for clicians or genticist. Thus, to facilitate the variant classification process, COMO - AI Lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel along with CMG, UZ Brussel have developed GeVaCT, a Java based tool. Currently, GeVaCT version 1.0 is available, that can classify variants annotated by Alamut Batch Software, with a plan for future releases that support input file from other annotation software's also.

Authors acknowledge the support of BridgeIRIS project funded by INNOVIRIS, Region de Bruxelles Capitale, Brussels, Belgium.


  • GeVaCT is a standalone Java based tool. You need to download it from the resource link provided.
  • To install GeVaCT you need ~11.5 GB of hard disk space in your system. Ensure you have the specified space available in the drive you are planning to install.
  • To have GeVaCT running, ensure you have Java (version 6 or above) installed in your system, else download the latest version of Java, before proceding further.
  • Once the zipped file is downloaded, unzip the contents. Ensure you have a unzipping software like WinZIP or WinRAR, etc. installed in your system for this task.
  • When the given 'rar' file is unzipped, it will create a folder comprising of a executable jar file and a sqlite database.
  • Double click the jar file and you are ready to use the tool.


NOTE: GeVaCT Version 1.0 and sub-releases (1.01, 1.02, ...) can only be used for classifying variants with the input as annotated tab-delimited variant file (.vcf.ann) from the Alamut batch.


Watch the video for a quick preview of how to use GeVaCT for variant classification.



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  2. Daneels D.(2016). Oral presentation: GeVaCT - genomic variant classifier tool. Laboratory Genetics Session at first joint meeting BeSHG/NVHG, Leuven, Belgium, 4-5 Feb. 2016.

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